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For all of our sake.. He was sleeping well at night but naps were horrible and he was terribly overtired. Rebecca really listened to my concerns and we came up with a plan to get him sleeping better during the day.

Gently encourage your baby to self settle

She involved my young toddler too and our plan fit into our lifestyle. Rebecca offered encouragement and support when things were down and celebrated when they came back up. My son still sleeps well at night and is now sleeping in later, is consistently taking two good naps a day and going to bed at a reasonable time. I thank Rebecca from the bottom of my heart to help us have a happy baby!

Gentle Sleep Training Explained + 5 Strategies

She would go down, wake up every minutes, and so on for a good hours every night. Honestly, we were skeptical about using a sleep consultant. However, we now have an 8 month old who sleeps either all night long or wakes for one brief night feeding. She works hard to understand unique challenges and answers questions with patience and empathy. My 5 month old went from hourly wake-ups at night and 30 min naps during the day to sleeping through the night with 2 hour naps!

Wholeheartedly recommend her to all parents who would like better sleep for their family! This can be because of a period of rapid development that means he might need more reassurance from you. There are other options you can try for handling baby sleep problems. Skip to content Skip to navigation.

Rain - Gentle Rain Sound - HD Sleep Sounds

Working with a child health professional on baby sleep problems can increase your chances of success with any child and baby sleep strategy. Send securely. Message sent successfully The details of this article have been emailed on your behalf. By Ana Sandoiu. Fact checked by Paula Field. New research helps explain why sleeping in a hammock feels so good. To the brain, sleep deprivation is 'like drinking too much'.

Why being rocked will help you sleep better

The effects of sleep deprivation on the brain are akin to those of binge drinking, a new study shows. Related coverage. Latest news Strong link found between chronic headache and back pain. A review of 14 studies found that people with persistent headache or back pain were about twice as likely to also experience the other condition.

Alcohol and dementia risk: A complex relationship. The relationship between alcohol consumption and dementia risk in older adults is proving difficult to unpick.


A recent study takes a fresh look. The science behind lucid dreaming. This special feature explores the science behind lucid dreaming, an experience in which a person realizes they are dreaming as they continue to dream. Parkinson's disease: Scientists review male and female differences.

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In a new review, scientists sum up the role of biological sex in the development, features, mechanisms, risks, and treatment of Parkinson's disease. Osteoarthritis research: Hot mud and salt baths.

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Can hot mud treatments and salt baths reduce the symptoms of osteoarthritis? A small scale, short run pilot study concludes that they might. Melatonin for sleep: What to know The effects of going more than 24 hours without sleep What is a hypnic jerk?

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