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Lucidchart also helps these diagrams stay on brand and high quality across all of the consultants and architects producing these visuals.

Blogging for Business? Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

Okta even has an enterprise-wide shape library of Okta-specific shapes which the marketing team owns and keeps up to date. We want to make our customers successful, and we want to ensure that our customers maximize the value from their investment in our product. Once a Lucidchart diagram has helped seal the deal, it becomes an instrument for implementation to help those on the professional services team get a solution up and running as quickly as possible. It helps to validate the sales cycle.

When a final diagram is completed and approved by the customer, it is passed on to the technical consultant for implementation. It is also added to the existing documentation prepared for each customer, a 50 to page masterpiece that includes details on the existing architecture, visuals, and code. Customers, architects, and designers all refer to the document. We can create higher quality diagrams, and we can create them faster. The more we can produce, the more detailed technical information the customer has presented to them and stored for the future.

The documentation we provide can include triple the amount of diagrams now. Providing these professional diagrams puts customers at ease, helping them to gain confidence in Okta as they clearly identify the value their solutions provide. The team at Okta grants customers confidence, one diagram at a time.

While on the phone, sales reps can then pull up a template and customize it based on the technical information the customer provides. TRAIN Okta uses architecture and sequence diagrams to show both new and veteran reps how to solve customers' business challenges with Okta solutions. Technical architects keep diagrams up to date so that reps can easily reference them in the centralized Lucidchart library.

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SHARE Okta creates shared customer folders accessible to the entire organization so that employees can leverage each other's work. Their secret to success? Working visually. Their secret to crafting visuals?

Identify the intent you are solving for, create the best ads, give Facebook or LinkedIn or Weibo the signals they need to know what's working and what's not so that they can optimize your campaigns. For See and Care, you will need to use Primary Research to measure success — for that is the success those campaigns deliver. If you measure those campaigns using the FB pixel, it will show the campaigns don't work. If those brand outcomes are your goal, this might be judging a fish by its ability to climb a tree. Your words are hard but true. This article remembers me the Samsung's Facebook page.

Every article they create has hundreds of detractors complaining about product failures or bad support cases. If I were the community manager I would switch off the article comments option. They don't let any positive result for the brand image. If a customer has a problem he must use the established contact options to solve it, not the facebook page. Before, they were paying the customer support team to solve troubles, now add the community manager team doing the same task or scaling the problems.

It has no sense. Jose Luis: As James says in his comment, if the company treats customer service as a Cost it will only result in sad outcomes. I am all of using Social pages to resolve customer service issues. The company should be willing to put dedicated people, improved process and timely response metrics to truly do it well.

If not. Just quit. Don't pay lips service because that is the perfect recipe for brand destruction.

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That's it in a nutshell. Anything else leads to brand disparagement by any means necessary and that includes social. And you see that showing up in many organizations social pages. Your solution Avinash has been around even before the Digital Revolution.

Now that the aforementioned sidebar has been addressed, social as default customer service or more accurately default customer venting channel. Solving for Social Utopia can begin. Is the problem is that our imaginations get muddled, by the shear amount of data we have to analyze and organizational objectives? Or is it our inability or refusal to first solve for Customer intent as an organizational objective?

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Can being human keep us from solving for humans. Is our natural inclination to solve for what we believe leads to utility charts,graphs, metrics get in the way? A cart before the horse thing. Are many in this industry taking advantage of the onslaught of technological change to justify budgets before an unwary senior executive looking for the latest silver bullet?

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  8. Does it buy you more time? Thanks Avinash, there has to be mind shift when it comes to benefiting from digital marketing social included. James: On the sidebar… thank you for your thoughts, really provocative questions.

    I do blame short-term profit oriented mindsets in companies and the incentives they create for Marketers for the crapification of the nascent promise of Social Media. I don't think ML can solve that problem. At the same time, as your questions indicate, we don't live in a world where we analyze one or two or ten signals to deliver the right piece of content which only sometimes will be an ad to a human. We live in a world where we have an understanding of tens of millions of people across hundreds of millions of touchpoints which throw off billions of behavioral signals.

    You can't hire enough humans to solve this… ML to the rescue. Likewise, if ML can truly understand, at that scale, the only missing ingredient will be that there is enough content from a brand to deliver across all those hundreds of millions of touch points. I sometime agonize that I don't do enough on Social Media, being a marketing team of one it's difficult juggling everything, so this makes a refreshing read. All too often you see businesses with seemingly virtually zero engagement and it seems such a waste of time and effort.

    I find Facebook very useful for targeted advertising and it has it a great ROI for us. I don't spend a lot of time on organic posts, often share interesting events in the area or blogs that we have added to our website, so don't worry too much if they don't appear to get much engagement, but when they do it's a bonus.

    2: Do Keyword Research To Evaluate Your Chances

    More and more though our Facebook page and messaging is being used for customer service — useful for the customer and little cost to us, so all good. So Facebook still gets the thumbs up from me, but now I feel much better with myself for not being so active, so thanks :. Great piece and spot on. I've said from the start of social media that social is social. That is, users use social to be social with their friends and family and, maybe, brands and orgs.

    If all you do is post about how great YOU are, no one will care. You just are not. One tool that is critical for me and my clients?

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    CrowdTangle crowdtangle. CT allows me to know what content is going viral right now on fb, twitter and instagram within any category I like self created. I also think that you put too much focus on externally visible engagement metrics in this article. Maybe the combination of limited focus on organic social media strategy and paid advertising is the best solution. Stefan: You can measure that someone likes your brand after just one impression. You can also measure if you changed their mind about buying your product after just one impression.

    The vision of the business has to be consistent with its marketing strategies. Research is nevertheless a good thing, today people is experimenting by using unilateral channels based on plain scientific research which ultimately will converge in sophisticated who-will-you-marry global strategies. People will sleep better some and more revenue will be generated from interesting orgasmic world stuff.

    Good post. I agree that conversion doesn't happen on social media organic contents, but very important to maintain one for a business, as one of the tools to be in touch with the existing and potential customers.