History of Cecil County, Maryland, and the early settlements around the head of Chesapeake Bay and on the Delaware River, with sketches of some of the old families of Cecil County

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Kombucha is taking the healthy beverage market by storm. Unlike any other book on the topic, this one-stop reference features dozens of step-by-step photographs, recipes for more than flavor combinations, and an extensive troubleshooting guide for successful home brewing. Prized for their health benefits and powerful flavor punch, fermented foods such as kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, chutneys, and pastes are enjoyed worldwide.

This comprehensive guide includes unique recipes for fermenting more than 80 vegetables, as well as 84 recipes for using them in meals and snacks. Fans of fermentation can expand their repertoire with more than 70 recipes for hot sauces, mustards, pickles, chutneys, relishes, and kimchis from around the globe.

Chiles take center stage in these gut-healing condiments and share the spotlight with other traditional spices like horseradish, ginger, and peppercorns. An additional 40 recipes highlight many uses for the hot ferments. Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey got their start in fermenting foods with their farmstead food company, where they created more than 40 varieties of cultured vegetables and krauts. They lead workshops on their hillside homestead in southern Oregon and blog at Ferment. Taking zucchini beyond bread is a breeze with recipes for using summer squash and sweet winter varieties in everything from soups and salads to satisfying mains and decadent desserts.

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The flavor and versatility of heirloom tomatoes, from ripe red to tart green, shines in sweet and savory recipes that will delight home cooks and gardeners who have a bounty to use up. Cooks, gardeners, and food lovers will unlock the full potential of this classic sauce with recipes that introduce a variety of herbs, vegetables, and nuts into the mix. An additional 67 creative recipes for cooking with pesto show off how versatile these simple sauces can be. These nutrition-packed recipes for trail mixes, soups, chips, dips, cookies, and more are all made with unprocessed whole foods such as nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, carob, cocoa, and fresh juices.

More than super-nutritious, super-delicious recipes for smoothies, shakes, green drinks, power shots, mocktails, longevity elixirs, and fermented beverages are all designed to boost health and energy.

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Dozens of recipes capture the exceptional flavors of peaches, plums, apricots, and nectarines in sweet and savory foods, including salsas, salads, stuffing, sorbet, and more. Food is our most powerful medicine, and this unique cookbook reveals how the kitchen can be a place of true awakening for the senses and spirit, and food becomes deep nourishment for the body.

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Detailed profiles of favorite culinary herbs such as dill, sage, basil, and mint include fascinating insights into the healing properties of each plant. Dishes that span the menu and the globe show off the versatility of this superfood and highlight options for substituting other winter squash, such as butternut, acorn, and kabocha, year-round. Health-conscious eaters will find new ways to incorporate coconut into their diets with recipes that use this superfood in all its forms, from coconut milk and oil to dried and powdered coconut.

Award-winning author Ken Haedrich puts a fresh spin on baking with creative and delicious ways to use fresh fruits, veggies, and herbs in baked goods that go far beyond zucchini bread and carrot cake. Dishes range from savory quiches, tarts, and pot pies to pizza, calzones, hearty yeast breads and buns, muffins, and scones.

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All of these scrumptious recipes add both nutrition and amazing flavor to every meal of the day. Readers will savor the history of maple sugaring, learn to identify various kinds of maple trees, discover how to tap trees and make syrup, and indulge in tempting recipes for such treats as maple bread and pecan pie.

What could be sweeter?

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Tidbits on maple sugaring traditions, preparation tips, and profiles of farmers capture the country romance of the syrup-making process. And they promise to be delicious, too! How to Make Maple Syrup alison and steven anderson Whether using containers or a tree-friendly tubing system, readers learn how to tap maple trees, collect and boil the sap, and bottle the finished syrup.

For those interested in making syrup for fun or as a business, this handy resource includes everything needed to understand the production process.

Best Fences: Storey's Country Wisdom Bulletin A.92 (Storey Country Wisdom Bulletin)

Kids ages 6 to 12 learn basic cooking techniques and simple recipes for favorite foods like French toast, applesauce, and buffalo chicken fingers with the help of stickers, recipe cards, and fun conversation starters. This delightful baking guide for kids features 50 easy-tofollow recipes for all their favorites, from muffins and cookies to breads and pizza. Lively step-by-step photos teach bakers-in-training how to knead dough, make biscuits, decorate cookies, and produce a perfect pie, along with essential skills like following directions and accurately measuring ingredients.

College students are busy and often broke, but they can still eat healthy food! These original recipes from 55 colleges and universities across North America will fuel dorm-room bull sessions, all-night cramming, and everything in between.

Substitution tips and advice for first-time cooks make this a must-have alternative to the meal plan. Stepby-step photos make the process accessible for cooks of all levels, and recipes range from breakfast sausage to global favorites like mortadella, liverwurst, chorizo, salami, kielbasa, and bratwurst. Affordable, long-lasting, and incredibly versatile, cast iron is a cooking method unto itself, as well as a great alternative to pans with chemical nonstick coatings. This easy-to-use cookbook features 40 recipes, from classic cornbread to blueberry coffee cake, skillet catfish, pan pizza, and the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

Roma-style bacon on a greenwood stick, roasted pork loin on a spit, seared scallops on a griddle, Plymouth fish chowder in a cast-iron pot, turkey in a smoker, and baguettes in a wood-fired oven are just a few of the dishes that can be made with fire and wood. Offering advice on everything from cleaning to cooking on and in woodstoves, this book demonstrates how to get more use out of this versatile heat source.

Descriptions of the necessary techniques and recommended cookware accompany time-tested recipes for every meal. This tasty collection for fishing enthusiasts, home cooks, and campers features recipes for grilled and smoked freshand saltwater fish. Good knife skills are the key to feeling comfortable in the kitchen. Readers learn how to pick out knives that fit the hand and how to slice, chop, peel, bone, and dice with ease. Step-by-step instructions and illustrations also show how to cut and carve seafood, poultry, meats, fruits, and vegetables.

This heirloom cookbook is a treasure trove of simple recipes with old-fashioned heart, with family favorites that never go out of style, from classic breadand-butter pickles to handchurned ice cream. Busy families will stay well fed with more than quick and easy recipes, from on-the-run breakfasts and snacks to weeknight dinners that take just 15 minutes of preparation, relaxed weekend feasts, and simple sweets. Feeding casual gatherings large and small is a breeze with these no-fuss recipes and tips for every meal and occasion.

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From finger foods and salads to casseroles, pastas, burgers, and cookies, these easy and delicious dishes never fail to satisfy! Recipes for making dozens of vinegars feature various herbs, spices, vegetables, and flowers. Also included are recipes for using flavored vinegars in basic vinaigrettes, fruit and vegetable salsas, flavorful and tenderizing marinades, spicy dessert sauces, and more.

For busy, thrifty home cooks, filling the freezer with healthy, ready-to-cook meals is more delicious than ever. Using the winning formula of preparing dishes in bulk quantities and freezing them for future meals, the second edition of this best-selling book includes recipes updated to incorporate even more plant-based meals; fresh, seasonal produce; and healthy grains and beans.

Step-by-step instructions guide readers through recipes for more than a dozen fresh and cultured dairy products, and 75 cooking and baking recipes showcase homemade dairy items. Step-by-step photos guide kids ages 8 to 12 through the cheesemaking process and teach them how to make 10 of their favorites, including mozzarella, feta, ricotta, and cream cheese.

A hearty helping of kitchen science and a taste of global cheese traditions add to the fun and education. Even beginners can successfully bake their own bread with this in-depth course in core breadmaking techniques. From choosing flour to measuring, kneading, proofing, shaping, storing, and slicing, here is everything home bakers need to know to make artisanal loaves of every style. Stocking the pantry with dried foods for year-round enjoyment is easy and economical. With instructions for using a tabletop food dehydrator or convection oven, or even harnessing the power of the sun, this friendly, full-color reference makes it a breeze to create apple rings, kale chips, soup beans, and even specialty items like meat jerky, fruit leather, herb and spice mixtures, and baby food in the home kitchen.

This classic primer on drying, freezing, canning, and pickling includes more than simple recipes. The authors include specific storage requirements for each crop and building instructions for big and small root cellars. Discover the best and quickest methods for preserving every common vegetable and fruit, arranged in a friendly food-by-food format.

Readers will find thorough instructions for freezing, drying, canning, brining, and storage. The Pickled Pantry This fresh, contemporary guide to pickling provides a whopping recipes for putting up everything from apples to zucchini, plus 36 recipes for cooking with pickled foods. It includes techniques for making fermented pickles, salsas, relishes, and chutneys. This collection of recipes helps garden-fresh vegetables shine.

Fourteen additional master recipes show readers how to easily accommodate whatever is especially bountiful in their produce basket. Sweet winter squashes, hardy greens, jewel-toned root vegetables, and potatoes of every kind make local eating easy and delicious in autumn and winter. This collection of more than recipes brings local produce to the winter table. The Backyard Homestead Book of Kitchen Know-How From milling flour to curing sausage, and from freezing or drying vegetables to preserving fruits, this go-to handbook teaches everything farm-fresh food enthusiasts need to know.

In this collection of recipes, classic baked fare like chicken potpie and vegetable lasagna gratin share the table with diverse stovetop suppers like jambalaya and pad Thai, plus plenty of meal-in-a-bowl salads and timeless soups. Part recipe book, part how-to handbook, this accessible guide to participating in popular gourmet food-bartering events features more than 80 recipes for the most coveted items.

Pop-out gift tags will help readers gussy up their edible exchanges. Dozens of inspired recipes show how to preserve a wide range of wild ingredients foraged from the sea, fields, forests, and fresh water and use them to make such delicacies as salt cod fritters, rose-hip jam, black walnut liqueur, and duck prosciutto.