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It is critical that long-term interests of the team are well-aligned with this vision of an organization. This will ensure employee retention in the long run. Imagination and foresight are the essential attributes of a high-performing leader.

10 Traits of High-Performance Leaders

Having a vision and gradually build a compelling roadmap to it and of course enabling that vision — this is what defines a real leader. A leader who possesses good people management skills will always be observant, articulate and will have the ability to drive thought leadership. Such a leader is well-informed and quick to adapt to changes. The leader also has a great worldview and inspires people through his insights and depth of knowledge.

Transparency and compassion, essential for people management are crucial aspects of a true leader. They must also be updated about the latest technology around. In the last two decades, the entire managerial landscape has changed drastically, and technology has come to be on the forefront. Therefore, managers must know how to prioritize their tasks and of course ensure the work is being done within the stipulated time.

Being a leader is not an easy task, and leadership qualities are something that often comes naturally and cannot be taught to everyone. Teams that trust their colleagues, surface conflict and admit to mistakes easily create a more open and safe environment. Formal processes for decision making can lead to easier management of conflict, while minimising hidden agendas creates more trust. This in turn can result in more satisfied members, and more effective leadership teams.

By participating in the team, holding up their end of the role, and adding value to the team, members can create a more effective leadership team.

What do high performing leadership teams look like?

This can be seen as a result of the collection of the previous points, where clear task focus, development, great decision making and a trustworthy environment leads to greater contribution by leadership teams. What do high performing leadership teams look like? Characteristic 2: Development This is where leadership team members consciously consider team performance, and invest time in improvement.

Characteristic 3: Norms and decision making Leadership teams which have a clear, formal process for decisions, no hidden agendas, and use consensus among members, prove to be more effective. Characteristic 4: Trust and safety Teams that trust their colleagues, surface conflict and admit to mistakes easily create a more open and safe environment. Creative leadership helps businesses and organizations discover new problem-solving ways.

It also assists in achieving growth where creative leaders will be able to identify new routes of reaching a particular goal which may be cheaper, more effective and more practical.

#1 Leadership insights: How to lead high-performing teams

A creative leader will keep the lower level employees from feeling forgotten by coming up with new opportunities for them. Creative leaders engage all levels of employees and allow everyone to brainstorm their ideas which gives everyone a sense of belonging. Creative leaders will embrace very unpopular perspectives which many times end up being what the organization just needed.

The world is changing fast and keeping on doing the same thing over and over is not good for business. Vision can be defined as the picture of the future that somebody has in his mind.

Vision is guiding. Vision gives us the drive to keep going on and keep working hard on whatever we have been working hard on.

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Vision gives hope and purpose. It inspires. Vision gives a snapshot of the possibility.

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The one thing that sets high performing leaders apart from the rest is their unlimited vision. You have to be moving towards something. Vision helps a leader prepare for the future and keeps the fuel burning during the hard times. This is how vision comes in handy. I used to do very well in Mathetics back in high school. I was always the top of the class. I was very heartbroken and criticized myself for not working hard enough. I tore into myself mercilessly and internally made a very big deal of it until some of my friends realized it and felt I was being jealous.

This is a reason it is often ignored by many leaders. Many also feel it leads to mediocrity when you keep on forgiving yourself of mistakes. Self-compassion is, however, a very important attribute to successful leadership. Here are some tips for enhancing your self-compassion Winston Churchill once referred to courage, as something that real leaders have to depend on. Having courage means a leader can take risks and try new paths.

Life has no certainty.

Nobody knows tomorrow, so everything you do is a risk. If doing the same thing over and over is already a risk then there surely is nothing wrong with trying something new. Great leaders understand this, and that is why they keep on taking risks and making inroads.

The future is for the risk-takers to take and not for the security seekers to hide. Great leaders move out of their comfort zones and take on the future and whatever it has to offer.

Team composition

A leaders courage is put to the ultimate test in a time of crisis. The crisis is inevitable in leadership, and during a crisis, everyone looks at the leader for guidance and direction. Courage cannot be taught in class. A good leader should train themselves to be courageous by taking risks when there is no crisis so as to remain calm during the crisis.