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Some opportunity comes along or someone else suggests the new best way to do something or new best channel to use and they drop everything to go check it out. So be realistic and define what your goals mean, and we walk you through that process in the planner.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Previous Next. View Larger Image. What was it about working with musicians that led you to believe they needed their own yearly planner? Organizing for a whole year feels so overwhelming — how do you get artists to take the first step? What is the biggest mistake you see artists making when it comes to planning?

They have complete belief in their abilities and that they can achieve what they set out to achieve.


Go back and think of a corporate leader or even a politician that inspires you. Do they live by the Rockstar rules?

I was 38 years old when I became the Chief Financial Officer of a public company on a high seven figure package. I had over people working for me and I had a voice.

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I had something to say and I was saying it. I fought to make things change and made my company better than it had been. I fought for my teams and my peers. I had utmost belief in my abilities. You just have to be a Rockstar!

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If you want to live a certain way and be a certain way, then the best way to make that happen, is just to do it. No excuses. Excuses are too easy and allow us to avoid being the Rockstars we truly are. Interesting comparison. Being a rockstar can mean a variety of things. Live out your dream and let your voice be heard! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Alt Sidebar. Imagine the difference you can make. I wanted to be a writer and I was good at it. I had a goal in mind. I wanted to be free from worrying about money.

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Wait a minute, what is a Rockstar life? Rockstars have something to say and want to be heard. Whatever it is, whatever you have to say, let it be heard. We are all Rockstars but only Rockstars let their voice be heard. Rockstars believe that can live whatever life they want to. Rockstars have complete belief in their abilities and that they can achieve whatever they set out to achieve. Rockstars stick with it, no matter how hard it gets.

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Are you living a Rockstar life? Could I actually be living the Rockstar life and not realizing it?

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Does being a Rockstar mean living a life outside of the corporate world? A corporate job, hell any job, can be the path to being a Rockstar, but you have to apply the Rockstar rules: Rockstars have something to say and want to be heard. They make sure they are heard! They are true to who they are. They stick with it, focused on their goals! Leaders of corporate teams, sports teams or of companies are Rockstars. Are they Rockstars? Most likely they do and they are. We can all be Rockstars! Let me go back to myself for a moment. It has now been 7 years since I first became a CFO.

They have more stamina and energy. Their relationships with family, friends and band members are strong and supportive. And they look younger, live longer and bounce back more quickly from medical complications. Plus, in the end, rock stars are performance-oriented. They want to put on a good show.

They want to remember their song lyrics. Younger stars tend to need a little breaking in. Two years of touring non-stop gives them a reality check. How do the veteran rock stars do this? Many bands have completely different personas on stage than what their true belief systems reflect, like the heavy metal groups that seem like Satan worshipers, but backstage are really Born Again Christians. Lots of rocks stars having their weekly consultations with their psychotherapists, gurus, or astrologers.

Most artists all very open to spirituality and self-help and, as a group, are not afraid to seek the deeper meaning in a lifestyle that can feel incredibly chaotic. More often than not, the challenges of being a rock star on tour are faced by non-rock star clients in their regular lives, every day. During that time, treatments will be focused on supporting their bodies through the intensity, so as to minimize the harm. What the rock stars have taught me is that not everyone can be moderate in how they live every day.

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And like the bands I work with, many of you lead really crazed lifestyles for months at a time. Your opportunity to make significant health changes will come when the pendulum swings back to whatever your normal is. To get the same advice I give to my musician clients, check out The Rockstar Remedy.