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McGee gives based on Philippians Learn how to put the past behind you. You'll be so glad you did.

Real Conversations Teen Bible Study by Jonathan McKee

Do you believe that? That's what Dr.

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McGee reminds us of as we explore God's Word and discover His solution to the things that keep us up at night. Be willing to do this one thing and be ready to receive God's unexplainable peace. Download How to Understand the Bible When you seriously study the Word of God, you see His road map in your life and in the patterns of history. This eBook is a beautiful new digital rendering of Dr. McGee's valuable and long-loved "Guidelines for the Understanding of the Scriptures. Download The Radical Cost of the Cross The cross of Christ is the most recognizable symbol in the world, yet no one fully knows its meaning.

It is a profound mystery. On it, Christ paid a tremendous price for you. God is satisfied with what Jesus did for you on the cross. Are you? Peace of mind cannot be wrapped in a box, but to every Christian, God gives this valuable gift. Millions long for it, but find it just out of reach.

This intangible prize, a real gift of the spiritual realm, is of inestimable value and is purchased only by the blood of Jesus Christ. Download What to Do When Life is Hard Modern life can seem like an obstacle course of problems, temptations, and hardships. As a follower of Christ, where can you find help and hope? When crises in the world. The content of this message is the same as "Life's Biggest Question and God's Answer," also available for download below. There are no rules for Christian giving, but He does give clear-cut principles.

Spiritual Formation: What it is, and How it is Done

Download Ai and I Joshua 7 Zeroes in on our greatest enemy who, surprisingly, is sitting in the seat with you at this moment. In this message from the Epistle of Jude, Dr. McGee details the apostasy in our present day. Download America Needs a Declaration of Dependence Disturbed by national and international conditions, we fail to ask who is to blame.

In this penetrating message, Dr. Vernon McGee demonstrates the real answer as suggested in Isaiah 1. Download America Needs to be Thankful 2 Chronicles Most Americans enjoy material blessings that surpass even those of King Solomon, and spiritual blessings abound through faith in Jesus Christ. This booklet deals with the interesting biblical background and presents the antidote. Download Armageddon: What? Download Back to Bethel Dr. McGee examines Genesis to tell us the story of Jacob who refused to submit to God at home, so God gave him a year education in the far country, and Uncle Laban taught all the classes.

After graduation, God called Jacob back to Bethel and he started living for God. Download Balaam: A Prophet for Profit Numbers Probes into the thinking of the shadowy character of Balaam, exposing the greed that was there--greed that may be lurking in our own hearts. Download The Battle of the Gods Exodus Recognizes the two great spiritual forces in this world, God and Satan, and reveals how the plagues upon Egypt were leveled at its false gods -- a telling blow against the satanic deception of the Egyptian people.

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McGee shows how our Lord taught the much-loved truths of this chapter by building on interruptions from Peter, Thomas, Philip, and Judas. Download The Best Love Dr. McGee maintained that many people are getting married who are not prepared for a relationship that God alone can bless. In this well-loved message, Dr. McGee explains that God promises a lasting, happy marriage to a man and woman who are Spirit-filled. Download Better Than Bethlehem His birth in Bethlehem was not the first nor the last appearance of Christ in the world.

We see Him revealed in the Old Testament; also, the significance of His birth and His unveiling are found in the revelation.

Good Questions Have Groups Talking - Masterwork Bible Study Lessons

Explains the difference between the two genealogies in the New Testament and why the virgin birth was imperative. McGee focuses on an incident of the Exodus that shows how God uses bitter experiences to educate and prepare us for service. He will not leave us but will lead us into blessing. Download Charge It! Philemon Back of this epistle is the apostle. Back of his promise is a person who will pay. Back of the charge is collateral, and back of the communication is a confidence that brings comfort to the heart.

Download Christmas in the Home of Abraham? Christ's birth takes on new meaning and sheds new light on the place where the star shone so brightly. Fearlessly and powerfully, he gave God's message that judgment awaits nations living in luxury and lolling in immorality. But the other group comes before it and finds the power of God unto salvation. Download Death of a Little Child Dr. McGee shares the comfort God gave to him during the heartrending experience of losing his firstborn daughter. Over the years it has been a help to countless grieving parents who need a word of comfort in a lonely and dark hour.

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Download Evolution and You or Why God Hated Esau Obadiah The rejection of God's revelation and the acceptance of the theory of evolution as a fact of science was the great delusion of the twentieth century. Pride is the attitude of those who declare their independence from God. Jesus answers His disciples' questions concerning the last days: 1 "When shall these things be?

McGee's delightful message on Jesus' encounter with the despised tax collector, Zacchaeus. A clear presentation of salvation.

What does the word "apologetics" mean?

Are they from God? How do we get them? What is their purpose? McGee answers these questions and more. Includes a clear presentation of the gospel. McGee likens the bells to a believer's verbal convictions and pomegranates to the fruit of a believer's life. An encouraging and motivating message. Download Grace in Three Time Zones Titus 2 The three time zones are the past when salvation appeared in the person of Christ; the present when the Holy Spirit teaches and empowers us to live for Christ; and the future when the blessed hope becomes a reality.

All of this is by His grace. Download The Greatest Sin in All the World Hosea This message has its background in Hosea's heartbreak over his unfaithful wife, Gomer--who sold herself into harlotry--and her restoration. McGee draws parallels to God's dealings with the nation Israel. Download Guidelines for the Understanding of the Scriptures Dr. McGee's introduction to his 5-year Bible study through the entire Word of God.

Joshua 22 Dr. McGee correlates Israel's experience of passing over the Jordan River to enter the Promised Land with our experience of lives transformed through identification with the risen Christ. Download He is Coming Again!

John Presents the second coming of Christ in contrast to His first coming--the Christmas yet to come. A very helpful clarification of the two comings of Christ. McGee examines the intriguing clues given to us in Scripture along with an explanation of what an ambassador for the Lord should do. While we may not be able to fully comprehend all the mysteries of the Trinity, we can at least stand on the fringe of this great truth and worship.